At an age when a child’s imagination is soaring and every experience becomes an opportunity for self-discovery, Imagine That! provides an extraordinary musical atmosphere. Your child will explore the power of pretend play with exceptional music, movement activities, singing, and literature as building blocks with a caring and observant educator as his guide.

Imagine That!, for children aged 3 to 5 years, provides an opportunity like no other — a chance for your child’s unique personality and developing individuality to come to life. Together you’ll sing, dance, laugh, and grow. By playing an active, expressive role in every classroom experience, your child will reflect, make choices, express opinions, solve problems, sing, act, and move while uncovering new revelations in an exciting world of exploration. During a 15-week semester, Imagine That! brings children together to share the power of their collective imaginations in a delightful 45-minute class.

Parents and caregivers join in for the last 15 minutes. We request that your child be comfortable attending class without an accompanying adult and be able to understand and express himself in English.

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